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PickleWeasel is a mojo-booster.
It's a goofie comic and drawing app, featuring the unique and irrepressible PickleWeasel. The loveable rascal will tickle your fancy with share-able teasers. Kick-start any convo!
Single-frame comics with a twist - the caption is hidden! Just try to figure out what PickleWeasel's up to. The WTF button reveals the answer. Guess-Games take the double-entendre to a whole new level.
PickleWeasel Guess-Games screenshots.
Think you can't draw? It matters not! These draw-games are super-easy and super silly. PickleWeasel makes it fun to push your touch-drawing skillz.
PickleWeasel Draw-Games screenshots.
Share that mojo.
Know someone who needs a lift? Maybe it's their birthday, or perhaps you've just drawn something particularly… astonishing? Share it right out of the app.

More PickleWeasel
Hundreds of new Guess-Games and Draw-Games comin' atcha. PickleWeasel feedback? We want to hear from you.
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